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Vacuum Excavator Hire West Lothian

Vacuum excavation provides a safer, lower risk excavation alternative to more traditional excavation techniques. With our high suction powered trucks, we are able to expertly excavate the ground with little risk of damage or personal injury. Vacuum excavation is the smartest, safest, fastest and most economical method of excavation. Its benefits includes reducing reinstatement costs, eliminating the hazard of utility strikes, minimising traffic disruption and reducing the amount of manpower and equipment required. AIM offer the best available vacuum excavator hire in West Lothian.

Companies with construction, civil engineering, railways, highways, utilities, and telecommunication industries have all befitted from our vacuum excavation hire. Our excavators can be used to repair or replace buried assets. Vacuum excavation also provides a precise solution with complete control using either a remote-controlled power arm or manually controlled floppy arm. Once all the underground utilities have been located and marked clearly, the vacuum excavator makes light work of removing the ground for maintenance or repair works.

Suction Excavator Edinburgh

Suction Excavator West Lothian

A suction excavator can be referred to by various names but in all cases the method of excavation remain the same. AIM provides the most experienced suction excavator in West Lothian. A suction excavator is a construction vehicle that removes debris below or above the ground. Using powerful suction of high volume air flow, through a wide suction pipe which is up to a foot in diameter. This allows material to be excavated safely and effectively with low risk.

Suction excavation can be used for excavation of contaminated ground, water treatment, materials buried around utilities or vacuum extraction for event clearance. Suction excavator in West Lothian are considered as the best practise for safely finding and seeing underground utilities, reducing damage by half to buried utilities. The suction excavators generates a high volume flow of air by means of its twins or triple air fans.

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