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Vacuum Excavator Hire Edinburgh

Vacuum excavation is a safer, more environmentally friendly and cost-efficient method of excavating. A vacuum excavator is a construction vehicle that removes heavy debris and material from a hole in the ground in urban and suburban areas. Fast excavation is guaranteed without the risk of affecting or damaging any unforeseen utilities. Vacuum excavation virtually eliminates the risk of damaging underground utilities, while mechanical digging with hand tools or backhoes could potentially damage the utilities.

Vacuum excavation is much less invasive than traditional methods of hand-digging. It also offers a lower cost with a higher level of precision with less surface restoration needed afterwards. Vacuum excavation is much faster than other excavation methods especially manual digging and can be essential for reducing disruption to homes, businesses and services especially within urban areas. Vacuum excavation is the safest method of digging that is why AIM offer vacuum excavator hire services in Edinburgh.

Suction Excavator Edinburgh

Suction Excavator Edinburgh

Suction Excavator in Edinburgh can provide safe and effective techniques for all kinds of projects. Suction technology has many useful applications. Especially for the utility and construction sectors. Non-invasive suction excavator is ideally suited for excavation work on job sites where existing buried pipe, cable and other utility lines are present. The suction excavation process can be finely controlled and size of the excavation and the volume of material removed. Suction excavators in Edinburgh are over six times more productive than manual excavation methods even in heavy soils where pipes and cables are known to be buried.

Using suction excavation technique utilities companies can achieve faster repair and service connection times. Contractors are able to schedule work more accurately because logistics are simplified. The speed and flexibility of the suction excavator is ideal for works in high-profile locations and for work in the vicinity of sensitive structures.

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