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Driveways Edinburgh

AIM is a local and trusted professional surfacing company covering all type of Driveway services in Edinburgh. We have over 20 years of experience in the road surfacing and paving industry. We have excellent track record of satisfied clients. Businesses, large corporations, councils, local authorities, schools and private homeowners have relied on our company to delivery long lasting projects. We specialize in tarmacadam surfacing and driveway paving for both commercial and residential projects of any size.

We provide expert, guaranteed road surfacing and paving services, including pothole repairs and resurfacing work for car parks, forecourts and driveways. As a leading established and trusted driveway paving contractors and tarmac surfacing company, we remain the preferred choice in all of the Edinburgh. All our work is carried out by the dedicated team of specialists.

All of them having years of experience in driveways and other paving projects across Edinburgh. Our team ensures every project is delivered on time, within the given budget with minimum disruption to the public.

Monoblock Driveways

Monoblock Driveways Edinburgh

There is no shortage of different options to consider when it comes to driveway surfaces. Monoblock is one of them and is popular option in Edinburgh. Monoblock driveways are made from uniform blocks, usually made from clay or concrete. They are sometimes known as block paving. There’s a lot of different options for colours and styles, shapes and there’s countless patterns you can create with them.

One of the biggest benefits is that they can work with any size and shape of the driveway area. They are traditional driveways for many households as they are durable and cost effective in Edinburgh. They are now available in a range of colours to suit the look and feel of your property. Monoblock driveways in Edinburgh is easy to maintain, look after and will give you years of worry-free parking at your property whilst providing a smart aesthetically pleasing look.

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